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We have established the David's New Day Grant through Pro-Act.  The grant assists individuals with things such as covering copays for treatment and medication, rent to gain access into halfway homes, public transportation costs so individuals can get to meetings, etc. We have donated over $22,000 thus far! We are making a difference!

Read Julie's Tree of Hope Speech

**Speech Julie gave at Pro Act's annual Tree of Hope ceremony in honor and memory of her brother, David




What we are about...

David's New Day- EIN- 46-4854169

Executives and Board Members:


Julie R. Smith- President and Board Member

Emily Kelly- Treasurer and Board Member

Joanne Ramsey- Secretary and Board Member

Robert Ramsey Jr.- Board Member

Stephanie Smith- Board Member

Trish Traverse- Board Member

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We are hopeful that through this organization we can give someone the ability to see a new day.

My parents often told him all is in the past and forgiven.  All any of us ever wanted was the best for him and would give anything to have him back. 

What's in a name?


The name of our organization came from one of the last conversations David had with my husband, Pat.  Always free with his emotions, David expressed the guilt he had over his past.  Despite all he had and all who loved him, the guilt seemed insurmountable at times and prevented him from seeing what a new day could be like.  I have learned that this is a common theme with addiction and often lures the person back to substance abuse, the one "remedy" that helps them forget.  Pat told him to not focus on that, move past it and concentrate on having a good day and building off it.  Before he would know it, life would be what he wanted it to be again.    

And ultimately, through fundraising events and your kind donations, to subsidize the cost of addiction treatment and services for those who need it but can't afford it.

We can help provide you with resources in the local community that can guide you or your loved one to the path of recovery.

Read Letter to State Rep

**Letter written expressing our desire to start this organization

David's New Day is a tax exempt approved 501 (c) (3) non profit organization dedicated to spreading awareness and hope in the face of addiction. 

Formed in early 2014 by David's family and friends, our goal is to not have others face the despair we have.